"Crowd Energy is the collective effort of individuals, profit, and non-profit organizations, pooling their resources through online ICT-applications to help to implement the energy turnaround. This implies both, the concept of decentralization (production, storage and consumption of renewable electricity) and a substantial change in society, economy and politics."

The Concept

We predict that the general phenomenon of crowds is one of the main drivers of this change. Therefore, scenarios, particularly their calculation, weight, and validation, are highly important in terms of the predicted change.

We experience a shift from highly-centralized energy production to decentralized energy generation. Our future electrical energy system will consist of plenty small iGSL-cells as well as a number of traditional power producers. Technically speaking the introduced iGSL cells are the basic elements of the crowd energy concept.

The main principle is pooling numerous cells in an interrelated network, connecting them by communication lines, and finally processing different types of data to achieve a stable and sustainable electricity network.

The crowd energy concept covers besides technical aspects additional fields such as the market design, mental accounting, and customer behavior. Research is necessary for the identification of socio-economic motivations and regulatory measures as well as specific and sustainable funding policies supporting the crowd energy concept


DECISION-MAKING patterns of the future customers

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